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Great Contribution of my FB friends on "Motivation"

Prasad Chikshe

What are ur Sources of motivation?
In this modern days, we face many difficulties, up and downs of moods. How do u get motivation to get back to the normal and do performance with full passion? Hope! Ur thought contributions will help me and all other friends. Do write ur comments.

Sagar Vaidya Dada now a days I'm reading a buk " Spoken by Swami Vivekanand " which give me many solution in my day2day life!
1mor z dat I'm nt respondig sum bad things what actualy dey want 4om me!

Harish Pohekar

for me life=hardships+struggle--> success.
all bad things happening, untoward events, negative shadows passing my way all inspire me to do ..motivates me to b a winner! when people make an attempt to demoralize me they are indirectly making me stronger, tougher, vibrant and dynamic!

Sagar Vaidya Dada now a days I'm reading a buk " Spoken by Swami Vivekanand " which give me many solution in my day2day life!
1mor z dat I'm nt respondig sum bad things what actualy dey want 4om me!

Ganesh Shelke

my source of motivation r peoples like shivaji maharaj,swami vivekananda,mother teresa,sant dnyaneshwar bhagat singh...many more...
whenever i feel low in life..i think abt shivaji maharaj...how he fought with mighty mughals with bunch of mawalas.. or how sant dnyaneshwar...who ws boycotted by communty..achieved enlightenment..& wrote dyaneshwari...or how bhagat singh sacrifised his life for our mother land....
when i think abt all des peoples...y problem appears very smaller...i get motivated to overcome it..

Piyush Shelar hoping that things are always good no matter what happens..all you can do is make them better..afterall umeed pe duniya kaayam hai.:-)

Viraj Hibare i jst think of my mom, whch motivates me a lot.

Monali Virkhare I think abt the time which has gone and every time I look back I realize that I didn't do enough. I owe a lot to this world and to the supreme power and then i get motivated.
Read abt great personalities, they inspire me when i am down.

Chaitrali Kale kharech ase khupda demotivate whayla hote pn pudhchya divashi sathi avdhi challenges astat ki tyatunch motivation milate. n ajubajuchya prashana baddal mhatshil tar me jr tyat badal ghadvu shakt nsen tar at least me tyat bhagidar n honyacha praytna karte..

Eeshan Motegaonkar Facebook! Ya, being socially active makes me energetic and fresh to do my work, many of the status updates by frnds really make me feel good.......thts enough to get motivated...sadhyatari!!

Shantanu Hiralkar no doubt
frnds only

Chetan Girwalkar "u can win" from shiv khera
& the energatic people around us
also the experiences of life

Tushar Kendre the faith my parents n my friends have for me....it keeps my head rooted on my shoulders..and my mind focused

Kaustubh Itkurkar desire to be better and excellent.

Girija Loharekar i can see many brave n hardworking people in my field......
they motivate me a lot to do adventures

Hariharan Sridhar The fact tht i have access to education & other facilities which many dont get for no fault of theirs keeps me humbled & rooted. When i think on these lines it motivates me to give back to the society bcos so many people have sacrificed for the benefits am getting

Gaurav Shahane laabhalele sarv premal loka aani Music.. both make me complete..
tyamule 'Jeevan sundar aahe' yavarun kadhi vishwaas uthat ch nahi..!!! dis thing gets me going through anything & everythng..

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Ashish Deshpande my motivations are Bhagvad Geeta , nature, spiritual personalities, various books....... Bhagvad Geeta indeed has a solution for almost every problem in human life..... one need to understand it carefully.

Maya Shivraj Dama beggers(specially at Tr.signals),handicapped,criticaly ill people and books r my motivations.Dont say,"Glass is half empty,as it is always half filled."I always believe that whatever happens in ur life,it is always for ur best,winakaran kuthalicha gosta ghadat naste.There is definitly a supernatural power(God) always guarding us.

Mrunal Jadhav @all my 'motivated' frnds whom 'motivational' thought contributions hv realy 'motivated' me a lot-"shrunkhla payi asu de, mi gatiche geet gayi, dukh udhlavayas aata aasvana vel nahi...baba amte...is my everlasting motivation...

Mrunal Jadhav

let me introspect sum more..aftr 10yrs whr i c myself, that thought...just feel of dat destination..passion of my dreams motivates me...
*my past sweet-bitter experiences, success..failures too..and d challengs whirling around, quest of excellancy motivates me.,
*family n frnds-most influencial factors...many times, aapan ekhadi changli gosht keli tevha aai-babanchya dolyat taralnara aanand, mitrane dileli kautukachi thap, d affectionate hug of ur beloved...ekhadyala khup kathin paristhitit nemki madat kelyane tyachya chehryavar umatnare kshin hasya...he sagle vilakshan motivation detat..

Mrunal Jadhav

many times,unfair things happening around us, gives d killing motivation 2 b a change-maker...2 dream..2 struggle...2 accept d realities...
*inspiring thoughts, poems, movies, songs...sms..mails..n many times fb updates as Eeshan said...r imparting much motivation..,i found d killing winning spirit of olympics much inspiring frm my childhood...

Gopal Tiwari

mi thoda nerous jhalo ki thoda past aathavto, note the difference,
aapoaap mag jast chhan kaam hou lagte
aadhich experience kharab asel tar to sudharavnyasathi petaave lagte
adhicha experience bhari asel tar tyala ajun bhari karave watate evdhach

Mrunal Jadhav

nw at last, aftr this big essay on motivation..one que haunts my mind again n again...
as we al hv searchd sources of motivation as per our convenience...my que is-
"WHY WE ALWAYS NEED EXTERNAL MOTIVATION? WHY MOTIVATION CANT BCUM D PART AND PARCEL OF OUR PERSONALITY...yeah, i m talking abt motivation building and nt motivation seeking....
realistic and nt much philosophical comments 4 this que r most welcum....lolz..

Alok Kulkarni When I am down I watch good movies, videos talk to my friends and read books for motivation.

Smita Athavale strong belief in God & Good things in life...They NEVER let you down..

Shrikant Yadav I believe in Self Talk & Balance : Which covers all aspects of life

Rohit Harip when i'm down..i always listen to my favorite songs!they tend to change my mood!also i go to sleep when my mood is off!a good sleep always recovers me!

Laxmikant Girwalkar one thng that wenever i m down wit difficulties, i remember d hard work n struggle done by ma parents 2 be at this position, always motivates mi alot..

Nachiket Vinit Nitsure

statistics.... I keep on counting no. of bad events and compare them against no. of good events.... immediately this exercise brings me to get a hold of the situation...
briefly speaking, "ki ghetale vrata na he" hi prarthana jaast motivatekarte... statisticscha vichar karun zalyawar hatkun mi ya oli athavto.

Aditya Shinde hmm..its true...me gele 1/2 aathawde asach down aahe...geetai vachto aani mitranshi bolto. even mala guide karu shaktil tyanchyashi bolto...ase mitra aani ase margadarshak pratyekala asayla havet aase vatate...

Sharang Santosh Kulkarni Well, it's very much true that there are many things around us which demotivate us. I think, the thing helping me to tackle them is TRUST on myself and my abilities (and idea of my LIMITATIONS too)! I know the people who can help me getting out of my difficulties - my PARENTS! I intentionally look back towards my past - my achievements- which helps me regaining my confidence. And one more thing; I always keep a pinch of ATTITUDE with me which fights against the 'demotivaters' very efficiently!!!

अभिषेक देशपांडे whem i feel strssful i like to be in touch the work due to which i failed
i like to listen classical music when i'm depressed

Dharini Joshi reading d books from which we can get d inspirations.....

Kedar Kulkarni whenever i feel like that .. i used to keep dreaming about the great future and it ll very much true that that dreams came true in coming days that is my experience.... so never loose hope abt ur bright future...keep dreaming .. up and downs are the part and parcel of the flow so be confident be positive date rahoo chalata rahata hai yar.." ye safar bahot hai kathin magar na udas ho mere humsafar , nahi rahane wali ye mushkile tere agale mod pe manjile jara desr esame lage agar na udas ho mere humsafar...."

Rahul Mahajan Calm dawn the mind and get relaxed!!!

Aditya Joshi Well...my source of motivation is D.B.T. kendra....which I got every wednesday....

Avinash Saoji Deep Shraddha inside on the "MANGALYA"/ Scanning self for the shortcomings & again trying to go ahead/ reading something matching to that situation/ meeting & listening to someone who is in more worst situation than me/ remembering & comparing the indicators which I have set for myself as a baseline. Like for Tolerence - Dnyaneshwar & Muktai, Edison for failures etc

Madhura Kulkarni For me, my ears remain shut towards opinionated people..I refuse to keep the company of pecimists ..I maintain to stay in touch with all my very close enthusiastic and happy-go-lucky friends, without caring if they call me regularly or not !! I try to remain non-judgemental and analyse the undercurrent situation instead...And most importantly, I dream of success.."If you want it badly, nobody can stop you from getting it!!"

Rahul Mahajan also by doing (Kapalbhati) Pranayama- you will get motivation get back 2 normal.

Sneha Bhansali First of all I need to accept that the downs do come and also they will go. And I just try to maintain regular routine(which becomes bit tough) in the 'down'time which in turn starts the countdown to get back on the track. Obviously, reading good stuff, spending time with people having tremendous energy source and enthusiasm, doing some artwork also helps. Also, I try to spend or at least try to get related with so-called underprivileged people which just makes me think about what I get and perform the better.

Vivek Kulkarni

such a nice post to discuss on.. well.. thr r two things which motivates me..
1. i have saved some pictures in my mind-heart. they r about what i want to be in future.. what i want from my life.. what can i give to my life.. my parents.. my country. and what i need to do so. and that motivated me.

2ndly.. one quote..

Every time i fall.. i stand up.. rise tall.. and walk again.. i am the Sun

Himanshu Sardeshpande whenever i am down....I just stop thinking about everything.....Then I don't need anything to get back to normal......

Padma Kasarle our mentors,ideals make us motivated.but still i believe that desire shohld be their inside u then only u can come back,think over it,find way.

Sharvari Dhond the confidence within us....to achieve our target...come what may....inspires us!!!!!!!!

Santosh Sali ;-) Read and distribute - Living at the source - Compilation of Swamiji's thoughts ...

Gaurav Limbgaonker Self Motivation Is Important & Remember One Sentence ,
" Tuch Tuzya Jivnacha ShiLpkar...!! "

Dilip Radkar reading the books of great persons.......... & chating with closer friends

Smita Athavale पायात चपला नव्हत्या म्हणून रडताना एकाएकी भान आले... जेव्हा एक माणूस दिसला ज्याला पायच नव्हते....

Neeraj Kulkarni mood swings are likely to happen in our time , a good book can be a solution ,or physical hard work which gives you most valuable thing..sound sleep

Sanket Adhav I get motivation from living persons. I mean the beautiful quotes n thoughts are nice to hear bt the ppl around U motivates U like anything. For me motivation is ppl am living with,these are the living legends for me...!!!

Anant Kulkarni assume dis day to be last day of ur life nd do all d gud things.......
den even if mood is down think oh i have only limited time nd be full of energy nd go on...............

Ashutosh Bhave at the end of the day........devgharat jaun chuka shodhne.....shantpane dhyan laun basne.......ani tyanntar devala namaskar karun pudhchya diwsas samore jane.........

Samrat Phadnis My team and my son contributes to my motivation :)

Rutwik Dilip Phatak

whenever i feel depressed or demotivated first thing i do is i work hard so that i feel like i have achieved something..
In a demotivated state of mind, my motivations are:
1. My family, 2. My School (Prabodhini in general) 3. My imagination about my future.
the media for regenerating the normal state of mind are generally:
1. facebook, 2. books 3. conversation

Meghana Tambe i get motivated from all good things that happend in my life.. i remind all those good & happy moments of my life.. it really feels good when you remind all those positive & good things..you ll get positive energy from those memories.. it means a lott to me..

Leena Mehendale

The world can be made good by clear thinking, efficient actions and compassion. That is the motivation. For those who believe in Geeta I will say my motivation is --
कर्म में हो कुशलता, चित्त में समदर्शिता,
बुद्धि में स्थितप्रज्ञता हो, पार्थ ये ही योग है।

Shakunt Nagargoje the great source for motivation is history.....we can learn from it how to solve a particular problem......also we analyse our past experiences, try to work in stressful situations with more enthusiasm.....more important thing is to become a positive thinker....

Rutwik Dilip Phatak and yes.... music as well!

Prasad V Saraph In the modern psychology, it is Maslow's pyramid that drives a person, while in Indian philosophy it is Dharm-Arth-Kaam-Moksh which drive a person. I fall in-between ... but what motivates me most is the potential of personal satisfaction from doing what I do ... that's what gets me out of bed every morning... so far, it has worked wonderfully! :)

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Bottom of Form

Roshan Jadhav on my personal level ....i hav a collection of pictures of aeroplanes ......whch inspires me....whn my mood is lettin' me down !!!!

Suhas Selukar our sorrows must be share with powerfull persons (sant ) if we share it with commen person then it wii be incresed .......
& nothing comes in our hand

· Kuldeep Thorat Accomplishment of short term objectives gives motivation to work more effectively and efficiently. For that the objectives should be SMART (i.e. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time bound.)

Sonal Kulkarni

1.Talk to your parents n friends...they have solution for each one of your problems.:) ===>>>SHARE
2.Listen to your favourite music
3.Buy a dairymilk(BIGGER ONE)..eat without sharing it with anyone
...Other than this whenever i face ups n downs i start drawing...something...anything :P

it inspired me alot....i hope it inspires you all too..:) :) :)

Aniruddha Deshmukh

मला motivation मिळता ते नवीन चांगली पुस्तके / लेख वाचून, आजूबाजूच्या लोकांकडून, आणि अवतीभवती होणारे चांगले बदल पाहून. मला जास्त करून थोर लोकांची आत्मचरित्रे खूप प्रेरणा देतात .....पण daily motivationa quotes मला आनंदी आणि प्रसन्ना ठेवतात ....कुठलीही छोटी पण नवीन चांगली गोष्टा वाचायला किंवा शिकायला मिळाली तर मी बराच motivate होतो ...शिवखेरा "यश तुमच्या हाती" हे पुस्तक वाचून माझा आटिट्यूड खूप चेंज झला ....काही उत्तम दिग्दर्शकांचे चित्रपट मग ते कुठल्याही भाषेत असोत मला छान वाटतात (For an example Iranian film director Majid Majidi’s “Children of Heaven”, “Colour of Paradise”, will smith’s “Pursuit of happiness” or satyajit ray’s “aparajito” ). अनेकदा आयुष्यात नकळत भेटलेली माणसे , काही घटना या पण खूप प्रेरणा देऊन जातात .....फार कधी de-motivated वाटला तर मित्राशी गप्पा मारुन, क्लॅसिकल म्यूज़िक ऐकून (कुमार गंधर्व- गुरुजी जहाँ...) मस्त वाटता .....खरा सांगायचा तर एकदा परमेश्वरवर श्रद्धा असेल तर कुठल्याच गोस्टी मुळे अपसेट होत नाही .....मी सतत motivated असतो का ते मला माहीत नाही पण प्रॉब्लम्स नि अपसेट तरी जास्त होत नाही ....यापेक्षा स्थिर वृत्तीने आजूबाजूला पहाणे आणि जेवढा शक्या असेल तेवढी मदत करत राहणे...यातच सगळा motivation आला ....Finally, "Into the wild" movie end होताना दाखवल्या प्रमाणे "Happiness is in sharing" so I like Facebook and it sometimes keeps me motivated!!

Sanjay Kale I trust in god. especially my Kuldaivata Devi Saptshrungi. I experienced that whenever I am in trouble and I prayed by Heart and the problem is resolved. My one of the experience is very recent.
Thank you for sharing.

Shilpa Mhalange

actully many times i went through such a bad condition..but whenever i felt lyk dat i just saw towords my parents...ani tyaveli me fkt 1ch vichar kela ki majhya aai papani kiti worst condition madhun marg kadhat aaj te ethe ya condition la aale ahet...actuly i m very much inspired by my father...ani jenvan jenvan mala as vatal ki me jivanacya ya vatchalit khachte aahe tyaveli me fkt tyanchya jivanacha aadhava ghetala ani ekch gosht shikat aale ki apan sarv kahi vyavstit karnyacha praytn karat rahaych..ani kharch sagal changalach hot...he anubhavache bol aahet...

Girish Loharekar

मी निसर्गात मुक्त हिंडतो, उन्हात, पावसात मुक्त वावरतो, आणि मुख्य म्हणजे मोटिवेशन ही बाहेरून मिळवायची गोष्टच नाही असे मला वाटते, चांगले विचार वाचून तेवढ्यापुरते चार्ज झाल्या सारखे वाटते
सदा सर्वकाळ तुम्हाला त्याच फेज मधे राहायचे असेल तर साधनेला पर्याय नाही. मेडीटेशन सर्वोत्तम पर्याय आहे. उत्तम वाचन आणि नंतर एकांत आणि आत्मचिंतन करून मस्त मोटीवेट होतो माणूस..
सर्व मतं वैयक्तिक आहेत)

Neeta Kulkarni

Dada,nice topic to discuss...!
If I face any problems,I think like
>I m going to learn out of it.
>It's created due to my mistake, so I am the only person who can solve it.
>For emotional 1,I do keep faith in god, & try to keep myself stable.
>OR I share it with friends or parents.
>My hobbies also help me to get out tension...

Sayli Nagarkar kahi changlya goshti baghitlya ,aaiklya kivvvaaaa kahi jivvaanta udaharna samor baghitli ki prerna milte.......... n prabodhinichya interesting activities mule pan motivate vhayla hota!!!!!!!!!:)

· Pragati Bankhele Working in positive atmosphere motivates me...Work of interest, Travel,family and friends are sources of energy for me

Anagha Deshpande I used to look at others problem , n I always found I am very lucky , life goes on what ever trouble u face its just to make u strong ! If ur a good leaner u learn more . . . . .

Saurabh Purohit its really imp thing for me....my sources of motivations are many freedom fighters..politicians..these are big names but wid dat my baba...my aai...and my frnds...with that the very imp..my school Jnanan Prabodhini...:) when m down i go to prashala...and a get big relief...a warmth i get there is unique...wid dat i listen to song and pula deshpande... and sharing between my grp which is social workin grp is also.. very useful..

Shruti Kharkar I used to hear my favorite songs with such a loudly dat even I can't hear my heart's voice....soo nantar shant zop lagate....And Beleiving urself is the most best option....

· Abhishek Jog team is the source of motivation. As you said yesterday, work of a leader is not to create followers, but create more leaders. can we call such a team to have this collective leadership? when you as an individual are on a down or feeling frustrated, the energy within the team pulls you out of it. I have seen this happen many times in our team.. yu know :)

Suhas Dixit

I always felt that motivation is never a external thing .... it's your own ...inside you. Actually , we get inspired from exteral things. Motivation is nothing but your cause of doing something ... your goal, your dream etc.. . It is not Ho...और देखें

Mukulika Thatte The sources of motivation are our values!...secondarily human needs as stated by Maslow.

Sanjay Sabnis Motivation comes from outside and Inspiration from within. Motivation has a short term effect. You can get demotivated. Inspiration has long term effect. You get inspiration from introspection, meditation and attending to your SELF. Swami Vivekananda was not motivated but he was Inspired & hence he could achieve what he achieved and his words had so long lasting impact on the humanity as a whole

· DrSujit Patil "We must be steady enough in
ourselves, to be open and to let the
winds of life blow through us, to be
our breath, our inspiration."
~ Mary Caroline Richards

Ashwinee Mayekar reading of books and swayam samvaad ...tumachi post vachlya vachlya manat aal...these things motivates me

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greatniru म्हणाले...

My motivation source is my aim(ambition) itself..Whenever I feel down in low esteem, I gear up as much as possible by the thought that I have to complete my aim..Howsoever distant it may be.. I get it internally and frankly I am not of the view to read books for motivation..And I rarely feel that I can't pursue my aim..coz I am of the view that I am here for a purpose..apparently and paradoxically "self-decided" purpose...