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Intellect is one of the important gifts for the human being. As it is very important so it should be utilized very effectively and efficiently. Most of the time it is found that we use our intellectual energy for unnecessary and useless activities like teasing others, disturbing others, for impressing others, for playing dirty things in so many such way which are self damaging and socially disturbing. What I think PRACTICE MAKES MAN PERMANENT BUT NOT PERFECT. Practice of using in wrong way will make permanently wrong user of Intellect.

Many a times I hear dissections like what is wrong in using our intellect for only goodness of me. If we take over view of this statement it appears correct but not right. Use of intellect for the betterment of self, very good but what is important that while doing so whether we are disturbing others if it is so then there is a hidden danger to you also. So use your intellect for betterment of you but that process should not be damaging for others.

As you all know where there is a start there is the end to it also. Creation and destruction are going on at every time and at every where. Same is true for our life. There is full stop for it at one point and at one place. Even though it is possible to become immortal. It is possible with help of our intellect. All the time we become part of the problems. In stead of getting away with the problem if we can become part of the solution for the problem then it adds new life in our existence and not only existence but also post existence. If we use our Intellect for the enhancements of the standard of our society, for inventions and discoveries, for creations and welfare of all mankind. It really institutes you for ever long.

What I feel the problem of India is neither economical nor political but it is intellectual and ideological. IT is conman picture that the intellectuals of the society are mostly engaged in the selfish and self centered motives. Under and limited utilization of intellect of such intellectual class neither enhance their capacity nor the Indian potential. Intellectual leadership or the creative minority are now slaves of money, fame and luxuries. One creative and intelligent leader with nationalistic attitude can change the picture of society. Swami Vivekanada, Maharshi Arvinda,Mahatma Gandhi, Dr Hedgewar Dr V Kurian, Dr Swaminathan, Dr Abay Bang,Dr Sam Pitruda,Dr APJ Kalam, Dr Mashelkar, Shri Rajendra sing, and so many, there is a great legacy of the same.

Changing our society is a Herculean task and what perhaps needed is a ‘meeting of minds’, thinking minds who want to change things for better. Let‘s join this mission for national development through Building self respect and self confidence in every section of society and motivating them to think beyond self.
Please convey your opinions and observations about the same.
We want to uplift society. How is it possible? Let’s see the grand achievements occurred or performed by personalities and organizations. The inference from this what we can get is when the creative, novel leadership with welfare ideas has an ability to transform those ideas in to the realities then and then only great development took place.
Example: - To uplift the living of society we should eradicate poverty. Poverty can be reduced only by providing good source of livelihood to the people. By starting milk cooperative with novel ideas and using great deal of practical intellect a great network “Amul” The test of India, has established by Dr V. Kurian.

What Indian Intellectuals should do? They should provide novel and creative ideas with different process to achieve it. Method of process research should develop in our society. Thinkers generate novel ideal but they have an inability to put them in to the reality and field workers with their practical intellect work out the ideas but they never document, shear, and analyze and enhance  the process they under go or perform.
The picture of industrial revolution in Europe was exactly opposite to it. Traditional workers with their intellect developed the new methods of innovations in the applied fields.
And in Israel bright Intellectuals enhanced the most important primary sector by actually working on fields.
In the National renovation and rebuilding work we require intellectuals who are visionaries as well as missionaries.

The Indian method of application of intellect was directed towards the enhancements of human capacities. So the explorations of all intellectual innovations lead for the manifestation of potential in man. It is proclaimed by our sears that man has divine potential that means infinite potential. So the Intellectuals developed processes after prolong experimentation with self and discussions amongst them with selfless motive. The main objective of the process was to evolve that divine (infinite) potential.  So the Intellectually crated environment which helps mankind to manifest the divine potential is called Dharma and the learning method with which the perfect manifestation is possible is called education.

 Those processes of manifestation of self was designed in such away that the behavior and attitude of individual influences the process. If the behavior and attitude is not in the in correct reference with the well being of society and universe then the process of ones evolution gets automatic break. Hence the person who wants to enhance his ability should have great morale vale and saintly lifestyle.
Thus the utility of the manifested potential was inherently useful for the well being of society.

Western method of application of intellect though based on objective orientation in similar way directed towards the enhancements of human capacities with developing material world out side irrespective of ones behavior and attitude and capacity. So now there is a great danger in using explored material development for the destruction of self and universe.
The person who wants to learn this material development knowledge has to take admission for specific discipline by competing with others and not with self. This process leads comparison and not evolution. The artificially crated environment called law which examine and regulate the process. If by Intellectual fraud or wicked behavior this artificial environment can be managed and incapable and improper persons can be winners and leaders.
Indian method is referred to self evolution and you can’t deceive yourself so the capable persons would be the leaders and winners.
Let’s use our intellect in creating such system which cannot produce bluffers and wild leaders.
In society intellectuals are engaged in variety of processes like
1)      Understanding and proving the established and ancient processes, their strength and perfect ness.
2)      By innovations and creating novelty with harmony in the society.

In holistic development both the processes should be considered. In many Religious and cultural organizations intellectuals are mainly engaged in the first type of process. We required sanatan thought. What it means? Nitya,Nutan and Tatkalin i.e. Ever, New and contemporary  means blossoming with strength of novelty.  So our intellect should be examined, nurtured, trained with these sanatan principals.

Development of the intelligent thinking process in western countries started after Galileo. In the early period Descartes' approach to science symbolize The Cartesian Split. He saw parts as separated from whole. That was exactly opposite approach from Indian vision(Ekam Sat).This approach saw trees and missed the woods, observed the man without society, culture, environment. This approach of reality also failed to see the interdependence of the parts of nature, their underline links and the overall unity.

According to Cartesian sciences, the creation was a mechanical whole, composted of Independent parts. While the Indian approach is organic whole and every thing is internally connected. The universe is the body of divinity (srishti purush) and we are the son of that Immortality.

This mechanistic model saw each part without looking context, background,etc, a look at which would change the meaning of the part itself. This theory influenced not only Physics but also man's approach to science, education, Medicare, Nature, Society, Politics, etc. Karl Marks, Darwin, Newton were influenced by this theory.

The Cartesian approach to reality influenced all aspects of western human
civilization for at last 400 year. At the same time the rise of western
political power influenced the thought in the colonial Nations. A highly analytic approach to science, knowledge and truth developed. Synthesis and holism lost out the race. In this paradigm, social units such as family, community and culture suffered the most. Individualism dominated in all the
spheres of life. Education with this attitude has created a number of aggressive individuals, who suffer from hypertension and other stress induced illnesses like depression and sleeplessness. This caused suicides, violence strife and wars. This thought decorated world with grand things and achievements but created danger for the survival of life on the earth.

This expressions motivated intellectuals to think again on the line of eastern approach. As Heisenberg put it, the vision of truth by the eastern spiritual tradition is beckoning the true scientist, the true development workers. This vision promotes intellectual, moral, aesthetic and spiritual happiness as opposed to the present day sense based, object induced pleasures.

Before 1947, for 1000 year we were ruled by foreign though and last 60 year we were fighting for Understanding and proving the established and ancient processes, their strength and perfectness of our own Ideology. Now time has come to march ahead by innovations and creating novelty with harmony in the society with correct references to our own Ideology.

Let's use our Intellect for making better India and better world to live and to ascent.

One of the evil of the western civilization is that we are after intellectual education and take not care of heart that is emotional education.

It only makes men ten times more selfish, and that will be your destruction. It is the pure heart which takes one to the highest plane, which intellect can never reach; it goes beyond intellect and reaches to what called inspiration. Intellect can never become inspired; only the pure heart when it is enlightened becomes inspired. Intellectual, heartless man never becomes the inspired man. It is always the pure heart that speaks in the man of love; it discovers the greater instrument than intellect can give you, the instrument of inspiration. Just as the intellect is the instrument of knowledge, so is the heart instrument of inspiration.

A pure heart sees beyond the intellect; it gets inspired it knows thing that reason can never know and where there is conflict between the pure heart and intellect, always side with the pure heart, even if you think what your heart is doing is unreasonable. When it is desirous of doing well to others, your brain may tell you that it is not politics to do so, but follow your heart and you will find that you make fewer mistakes than following your intellect.

The pure heart with is the best mirror for the reflection of truth, so all these discipline are for the purification of the heart. And as soon as it is pure, all truths flash upon it in a minute; all truth in the universe will manifest in your heart, if you are sufficiently pure.

If you come with intellect only, you can have a little intellectual gymnastics, intellectual theories but not truth and well being of universe. ---Swami Vivekananda

What I feel is Swamiji is not criticizing the Intellects; he is indicating limitations of intellects. He was also one of the greatest Intellectual which India has produced. Pure heart with intellect can uplift the society for greater heights.

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"If you come with intellect only, you can have a little intellectual gymnastics, intellectual theories but not truth and well being of universe." -Swami Vivekananda --Great Sentence!!!!!!